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About us:

About us:

DMC is a private diabetes medical center, which was established in 2011. Our goal is to provide excellent and professional treatment for patients with diabetes.

We believe that diabetes affects different parts of society and dealing with it requires not just medication but also a lot of knowledge and experience. According to our therapeutic approach, every diabetic can learn how to manage diabetes and live a balanced life with the help of professional guidance and tools.

Therefore, DMC offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and professional treatment implemented by the best experts in diabetes field and advanced technological solutions.

The personalized treatment plan is carefully prepared by the experts after the first introductory meeting in order to follow step by step the whole way to the desired balanced results and their continuous sustenance.

DMC is your partner on the way to a balanced life!

Advanced Tests

Advanced Tests

DMC offers the most advanced tests and technology which became an essential part of the personalized treatment. With the help of these solutions we can have a close follow up on the patient’s condition, to diagnose the first signs of complications on the early stage and of course to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials

Prof. Julio Weinstein is the senior director of clinical trials research. The department conducts clinical trials to evaluate new medications and innovative technologies in diabetes field. Clinical trials adhere high scientific standards according to GCP (Good Clinical Practice)

Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

DMC offers a variety of unique treatment programs which were carefully planed by our experts in order to provide a comprehensive and professional solution for each patient. Each program is a combination of sessions with the experts and technological involvement. In order to define the most suitable program- it’s adjusted individually based on the patient’s needs and medical profile.

Special Services

Special Services

DMC offers in it’s Department of Complementary Medicine- Chinese medicine treatment. And if you are a guest in Israel but would like to get treatment with us- we will introduce to you our International Department. DMC offers special programs which fit to the short visit and include telemedicine.

Prof. Itamar Raz

Director of DMC Medical Center

Prof. Julio Wainstein

Diabetes Specialist

(עברית) פרופ’ אברהם קרסיק

Diabetes specialist endocrinologist

Dr. Maya Ish-Shalom

Internist, Endocrinologist and Diabetologist

Dr. Joelle Zinger

Endocrinologist Specialist in Diabetes

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