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Glucose Holter which doesn’t require finger pricking and provides the data which allows you to manage diabetes and balance your life. It helps to monitor the patterns of the glucose changes over the period of 24 hours for 14 days and allows to learn how your body responds to the certain medication, stress, different types of activity and changes in diet. Based on this information the treatment program can be adjusted in the most accurate way.

Holter allows you to get better understanding of:

  • fluctuation in your glucose levels
  • what happens to your glucose levels during the night
  • when to expect an increase or decrease in glucose levels
  • how different kind of food effects your glucose levels
  • which exercise plan works the best

And now this service is available not only in Tel-Aviv, but all over the country!
Boxit -easy to collect, simple to connect!
With Boxit, you can pick up your Holter device from a variety of Super Pharm branches- find out which one is the closest to you!
You can easily start using the device using the instructions page attached to the package and assistance of DMC representative on the phone.

  • Glucose Holter is based on the Flash Glucose Monitoring technology and contains out of two parts: sensor- is applied on the back of the upper arm and reader- which shows sensor glucose readings after each painless scan. The information you get includes your current glucose, glucose trend arrow indicating which way the glucose is going and a graph of your current and stored glucose readings.
  • When the test is over, usually after 14 days (min 5 days) – DMC expert downloads and analyzes the stored data which comes as a report called Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP). This report analyzes all the data from your device and produces a single graph with 24-hour period, creating a view of a “typical day”. Based on this information the treatment program can be adjusted much more accurately.
  • Is there such a thing as the ultimate diet? Apparently not. Although the diet plans are thriving and every few months a new diet comes up, it is known that in order to get the best results from a diet it should be personalized and based on your own data like genetics and gastrointestinal bacteria.
  • Personalization refers to different types of foods and amounts, their reflection on glucose levels and of course other factors such as blood tests. In the past, the recommendations of nutrition for diabetics were general and based on glycemic index. But today, using Holter it became possible to see and to analyze patient’s glucose trends during the day and influencing them factors like diet, physical activity and medication. Based on this information DMC expert can recommend individual changes in the certain diet or adjust the treatment. At the same time Holter helps to correlate certain exercise activity, food or any other “typical event” from your daily life with the changes in your glucose levels.
  • Another benefit of glucose Holter, in addition to the 14 days AGP report ( make clickable and lead to the part of AGP mentioned before), is the ability to perform this data as part of the Daily Patterns. This report shows the variability of glucose levels over multiple days to give a quick snapshot of glycemic control.


*This material is presented for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for advice of the physician or pharmacist.

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