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Special services

If you are interested in treatment in DMC, but you don’t live in Israel- we invite you to contact our International Department!

The team will offer you a verity of programs created specifically for patients from abroad, meaning we take into consideration a lot of details in order to make sure that the treatment will be adjusted to your sometimes very short visit.

Our goal is to make accessible DMC’s services for everybody without any geographical limitation and language barrier. We offer the services of translation and interpreters during the meeting. All the preparation to the visit is well planned in advance, in most of the cases even before the arrival to Israel in order to achieve the best results during the shortest time.

Even when you leave Israel our experts are available for you! Telemedicine is the answer for our patients who don’t live in Israel. Telemedicine is one of the most commonly used ways of treatment without even leaving your home.

Each treatment program is tailored for each patient and discussed in advance. If you are interested- contact us now and we will answer all your questions!

Phone: 03-6900333 ext. 6 e-mail: international@dmc.org.il

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